This Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of our website are in compliance with the new General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679, which aims to empower all EU citizens’ data privacy rights and to reshape the way organizations across the region process personal data!

The Controller is the individual enterprise ‘Tsilounis K. Panagiotis’,, with the business title ‘NewMountainAVL’ and with main business activity the organization of music events. The offices of our business are located in 38 N French Broad Ave, Asheville, NC 28801. For any information or help, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone, dialing 828.785.1701.

Please read the following information about the terms of use of our website and our privacy policy to get a clear understanding of how we collect, use, protect or otherwise process your personal data via our website.

We collect personal data from data subjects only when you voluntarily provide your personal information to us.

NewMountainAVL reserves the right to use the information provided for statistical purposes without the prior approval of data subjects. These surveys may be related to the measurement of our website’s traffic. NewMountainAVL may only provide to third parties the conclusions of such statistical surveys, and not any personal data information.   

Visitors also need to know that, by visiting our website, non-personal information can be automatically collected in the format of small text files (cookies), which are used to identify users who frequently visit, in order to improve the user’s experience, for example via improved display, interactivity, etc.



By visiting,  the visitor agrees to comply with the terms and conditions set herein.

Change of terms

NewMountainAVL reserves the right to change or modify the terms of use of In any case, any modification or update of the terms of use of our website will be directly posted on our website and the users will be respectively updated (by e-mail).

Personal data collects personal information you provide voluntarily, including but not limited to your name, address, phone number, your email address, your IP address.

NewMountainAVL uses this data to communicate with you – and with your consent – to provide you with information, special offers, services or updates according to your explicitly expressed wishes.

Especially, if you sign up for our services by using an account of a social networking page (such as LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, instagram etc), we collect your personal data according to the data privacy policy of the provider of the social media, which you are asked to consider accordingly to this paragraph.

The personal data you have provided at are exclusively used within the framework of the purposes set herein. The collection of your personal data is limited by NewMountainAVL exclusively to what is necessary for the satisfaction of your requests, to serve the above purpose of information on special offers, services and updates. This collection of your personal data is based on one of the following legal bases:

The main legal basis is your expressed consensus. We receive such in order to send you newsletter emails with reference to the current Terms of Use – Privacy Policy.


Our website and its content include, but are not limited to, trademarks of product features and / or services  of NewMountainAVL, business title, domain name, source code, software, services offered, names, photos, images, graphics, texts, illustrations, audio and / or image files and audiovisual work files, games, competitions, interactive applications, data, databases (hereinafter referred to as the “Content”) is an object of exclusive intellectual and industrial property rights of NewMountainAVL or third parties who work with us and are under the protection of the relevant intellectual and industrial property provisions of the Greek and European law and international conventions and treaties. It is expressly forbidden to have this Content altogether or partly processed, transferred, sold, assigned, conceded (with or without consideration), commercially exploited, copied, modified, reproduced, replayed, transmitted, distributed, sold or downloaded by any ways or means by the Users and / or any third party. It is noted that the aforementioned actions are indicative and not restrictive. The data subjects that may be displayed in the relevant content have provided to NewMountainAVL their consent for same.


Depending on the data collected, you are entitled, with a simple statement to NewMountainAVL at the e-mail address [email protected] , to exercise the following rights:

Right of access

You have the right to ask NewMountainAVL for an assurance of whether your personal data is being processed or not and, in this case, you have the right to access your personal data.

Right to rectification

You have the right to ask NewMountainAVL, without undue delay, to correct and/or update any inaccurate personal data that concern you.

Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’)

You have the right to ask NewMountainAVL to delete the personal data that concern you. NewMountainAVL has the obligation to delete such personal data except for the case where there is a legal obligation or direct legal interest in its preservation.

For technical reasons, the deletion will be completed within a period of time of fifteen (15) days.

Right to restriction of processing

You have the right to ask NewMountainAVL to limit the processing, where:

• The integrity of personal data is questionable.

• Processing is illegal and the data subject is opposed to deleting personal data.

• The controller no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of processing.

Submitting complaints

You have the right to file a complaint about the processing of your personal data by NewMountainAVL before the Greek Personal Data Protection Authority (

Please note that we may ask you to provide us with verification certificates of your identity before we take any further action on your request.

A special form of consensus is the signing of a written or oral agreement between us. In this case there is a reference to the Terms of Use – Privacy Policy set herein.  

Another legal basis for the collection of your personal data is the existence of a specific legal obligation of our company. Such is the case when your data are kept with due to our obligation to provide information to the Authorities, for example for our tax obligations.

Finally, we lawfully maintain personal data files when we have legitimate interest in the context of the business we conduct.

Some of your data may be collected by NewMountainAVL automatically by using cookies and other media technology to personalize your experience of using our website and for the valuation of our activities (indicatively for marketing purposes, etc.).

In an automated way, the following are collected:

IP Addresses. It may be logged for security or statistic reasons to analyze the trends of the site.


The Site uses cookies to identify the visitor / user of some services and pages. The site and connected apps use cookies.

The cookie is a file that contains an identification code (a sequence of numbers and letters) sent from a server to a navigator, where it is stored. Whenever the browser asks for a page from the server, the identification code is sent back to him.

Cookies can either be permanent or relate to a single session (link).

Permanent cookies are stored by the navigator and remain active either until their expiration date, or until the user deletes them. Those relating to a single session, expire at the end of the connection, as soon as the pilot is shut down.

Cookies do not store data that can personalize the user, but personal information that is stored on the site and relates to the users / visitors may connect to the information stored and can be obtained from cookies.

Only “permanent” cookies are used on the Site and related apps, only cookies pertaining to a connection / session or “permanent” cookies and cookies used in a connection / session.

Most users’ browsers allow them to refuse cookies.

The user can delete cookies already stored in their computer. For example:

Deleting cookies will have a negative impact on the use of multiple sites or connected applications.

In the links below you can find out how to manage the cookies in each browser:

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome




You can deactivate Analytical Tools for Online Advertising Providers (Indicatively and Not Exclusively google analytics) through the browser that you are using.

We do not transmit your data to third parties for direct use or promotional purposes.

We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer your personal information to third parties with the sole exception of any legal obligation or consent. This does not include partners hosting websites and other places that help us operate our website, conduct our business or provide services to our users, as the third parties agree to maintain these information confidential and comply with the legal requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

However, it is possible in the context of automated personal logging data, (ie, automatically recorded) your data to be received by advertisers. You can disable such via your browser.

For the security of your data, NewMountainAVL implements confidentiality policies. The purpose of these policies is to protect your data against unauthorized use, loss or destruction. If, despite these policies, your personal data is damaged, we will take all necessary action to limit such damage, notifying the Authorities and collaborating with them for its punishment.

This Agreement and any functional term of established by NewMountainAVL in this text replace previous terms.

Supplementary terms and conditions may be published at any point on and should complement this text.

Thank you for reading our terms of use and our privacy policy!

We remain at your disposal for any clarifications you may need and always willing to serve your needs in the best way possible.


Last updated: 06-18-2019